Meet the Team


Adventure Medics was founded by Matt Sabelman because he wanted to combine two passions in his life. Emergency medical services and a lifestyle filled with adventure. The medics employed by Adventure Medics share this life passion. They are rock climbers, mountain bikers, surfers, endurance runners, kayakers, and much more. They have been around the world providing medical services in all sorts of settings from the frigid cold of the Alaska tundra to sweltering jungles in Costa Rica. We strive for excellent patient care and continuously perfect our skills through training and experience.

After attending events where the medical support was either nonexistent or extremely sub-par Matt decided to start Adventure Medics. We are here to raise the standard of medical care in the pre-hospital setting and provide peace of mind for event promoters.

At Adventure Medics we believe that the social impact a company has is extremely important. Because of this we registered as a B corporation and are committed to having a positive outreach to the community.
B corporations are annually audited using a third party organization company who awards us a score based on the social impact we have. The score improves based on community service involvement, social projects, responsible recycling practices, and improving the well-being of our employees. We fulfill these important goals by giving free CPR/First aid classes to the public and yearly trips to central America to train remote villages how to use an AED and first aid skills.