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medic truck on dirt road overlooking mountain peak


Our 4×4 ambulances are licensed Advanced Life Support (ALS) units and are staffed by Paramedics and EMT’s who are experienced street medics, but also have special training in remote medicine and extended patient care transports.

Mobile Medical Bases

DLX Medical Tents
man standing outside medical tent
Medical Tents
Interior of medical trailer
Medical Trailers

Event Trailers

Roof Top Tents
Equipment Trailers
Mobile Medical Base

Technical Rescue Equipment

Our teams are trained and capable of utilizing a wide range of technical rescue equipment including rope rescue gear, trail rescue equipment, swiftwater rescue gear, lightweight battery-operated vehicle extrication tools, Garmin inReaches, and programmable BK radios

Vehicle Extrication Gear
Swiftwater Rescue Equipment
Rope Rescue Equipment