What We Do

Event Medical, Medical Classes, Wildland Fire, and Emergency Services

Event Medical

Medical help at any event.

Medical Classes

Master event and field medicine techniques through study and practice.

Wildland Fire

Aiding firefighters and civilians.

Emergency Services

911 response and interfacility transport in Washington

Safety and Care Wherever You Are

Event Medical

We offer customized medical teams for any type of event!  Whether your event is on the water, on the road, or in the remote wilderness, Adventure Medics has the equipment and personnel needed to ensure peace of mind.

Accredited to American Heart Association & American Health Safety Institute standards

Classes for Every Emergency

Learn from our experienced medics to gain certified emergency skills or continuing education credits. We offer training on-site and in-house so you’re prepared to help in any situation.

What Can you Learn

First Aid Basics
Medical, Trauma, and Environmental Emergency Recognition and Treatment
Tourniquet Placement
Bleeding Control
Epi-pen Administration
Basic Life Support
Advanced Cardiac Life Support
Pediatric Advanced Life Support
EMT/AEMT/Paramedic Refreshers
The Latest Tech. The Best Aid

Get Certified Today

We keep our courses up-to-date and packed with
information so you finish your certified learning confident in your skillset and ready to help in crisis situations.

wildland fire services
Aiding firefighters and civilians.

Wildland Fire

“At Adventure Medics, it is our mission to exceed the highest standards of medical care on the front lines of wildfires.  Our Medics are highly trained and prepared to adapt to any situation that may occur in the field.  Our equipment is field tested and ready to respond to any terrain or medical situation that may occur on the fireline.  We strive to go above and beyond in ensuring that firefighters, civilians, and anyone else who may be affected by wildland fires are able to return home safely and in good health.”

Available in Washington State

Emergency Services

ambulance services
4x4 ambulance
We Go Where You Are

4x4 Ambulances

Backcountry fire roads? Snow covered passes? No problem! Adventure Medics ambulances have 4×4 capability and experienced drivers to get our patients where they need to go.