Industrial First Aid

Helping keep the worksite safe and responding when it matters

The lntent of this service is to assist client(s) in the realization of lower injury rates and prevent any unnecessary OSHA recordables which will ultimately reduce the number of workers compensation claims. We strive to provide the most efective and suitable treatment for any injuries, maintain the treatment and get the employee back to work as soon as possible.



We do this by training our health care workers in OSHA recordability directives and ensuring that each responder meets our minimum requirements including:

>  Licensure at EMT-Basic level or higher

>  OSHA 10hr training (online)

>   OSHA Recordability training (in-house)

Each response will be reviewed by the Adventure Medics Medical Director and the Program Manager. Each response will be communicated to a designated client contact in whatever manner is agreed upon by both parties.



Our Medical Response Kits are specifically designed to allow for basic first aid treatment but also contain other life-saving equipment. This includes Diagnostic equipment:

› Basic wound care supplies

› Anaphylaxis treatment supplies

› Automatic External Defibrillator (AED)

› Oxygen

› Various over-the-counter medications


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