New REM Team

Adventure Medics offers new Rapid Extraction Module

We are proud to introduce a new division of Adventure Medics. The Rapid Extraction Module (REM) team not only provides Advance Life Support (ALS) medical stand-by services on Wildland Fires, but now includes technical rope rescue in its repertoire.

The REM is a relatively new concept that many Wildland Fire incident commanders are beginning to see the value of. The REM is a pre-staged rescue team comprised of experienced Emergency Medical Technicians and Paramedics that are assigned to a wildland fire to provide firefighters safe, effective and efficient methods of egress off the fireline in the event of injury or illness incurred during firefighting operations.

Wildland firefighting is an inherently dangerous profession. While safety is the primary concern during all fire operations, unintended incidents do occur which may result in injury or illness to firefighters. It is the intent of the REM to provide firefighters who are unable to egress under their own power, a safe and secure transport off the fireline while simultaneously receiving the appropriate advanced medical attention.

While REM does not intend to replace ground or air transport, ideal conditions may not exist due to several circumstances such as heavy smoke inversion, no road access, or equipment malfunctions. REM provides incident managers another option to reach incapacitated firefighters with fully equipped resources, prepared to package and transport injured or ill personnel off the fireline to the appropriate medical care units.

These specialized EMTs and Paramedics have the capability to rapidly extricate a victim in the remotest of settings to expedite patient treatment and transport to definitive care facilities. This brings an entirely new and unique division to the Wildland Incident Command structure.

Adventure Medics is also proud to unveil their new inventory of tools to the REM, including RESCUE 2; a brand new 2018 RZR XP 4 Turbo DYNAMIX Edition side-by-side with Active Suspension and 168 HP that is the world’s first and only intelligent suspension system designed for off-road activities which has been modified to securely hold and transport a patient. New top of the line rope rescue gear that is light in weight, quick to deploy and versatile, and new vehicle extrication equipment for faster patient access and extrication.